Things are moving fast!


It has been a busy couple of months and many changes have happened! First let me update you on a few things.

Vlog #3 - Yes, there will be a vlog #3! I am editing it now :) It includes the trip with the Michael Shirtz Quartet to Florida for the debut of "In Finding Faith". Let me tell you, it was a blast and we learned that we should fly to Florida instead of drive. However, all in all the show went very well and was received by the audience as well.

Podcast are still coming! With my schedule changing constantly and trying to work with other artist, it can be difficult to get together to record. Keep a look out for those and remember you can send us a message if you have any topics you would like for us to discuss. We look forward to them.

The BIG news is, drum roll please, I am the new Executive Director for the Ohio Arts Presenters Network (OAPN). If you are questioning what OAPN is check out the website: It is a great organization to network with fellow professionals in the live performance industry. Hence, the title of the news article, things are moving fast. The new position is definitely the direction I want to be moving in for my long term career goals. It has been long days/ weeks of learning what the roll consist of and keeping the organization moving forward through the transition. But I have been having fun along the way and counting my blessings too!

What is OCM working on? So, there are a few things we are working on now. We are helping produce a Great Hymns of Faith concert for the 500th celebration of the Reformation. Its going to be great with a choir and special guest singers. Second, we have been discussing possibly putting on a festival for 2018.... fingers crossed we can make this happen. Third, We are working on producing quarterly concerts at the Sandusky State Theatre, the same location where we produce the Michael Shirtz Jazz@8 concert series.

Things we have learned. Getting sponsorships is hard work. It's definitely something I have not done a lot of or learned a lot about in school. However, I love learning how to do new things, so I am up for trying to learn how to get sponsorships. Another, thing we have learned, ALWAYS KEEP PUSHING! Even if you see others running past you achieving things you hope to one day achieve, keep pushing forward! Their success does not define your success!

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