OCM to Co-Stage Manage JEN Conference

We are excited for OCM to be represented at the Jazz Education Network Conference. This conference offers opportunities for those who perform, teach, or work in the jazz world to network and talk through ideas or struggle of this industry. Arica was a part of the conference in the beginning of 2016 and was asked to come back.

Arica helped co-manage the Inspiration stage, which was one of the main stages for the conference and had many great performances. Here partner John Blane helped quickly get her up to speed on how the conference worked. The duo quickly became great work partners but built a great relationship. "We all know how important great relationships are or how networking is in this industry," stated Arica. "It was important for me to learn from John, but also to build trust."

"I got to meet one of my favorite bassist, Victor Wooten, at the conference. I am so excited to be a part of the conference again, and to experience great music," Arica stated during her chat about the previous year. Stage managing can be great job, however, it does come with its difficult times as well as its easy times. Stage managers are important to keep the performers on track as well as being the cohesiveness needed between the performers, announcers, audio technicians, etc. No job is too small when it come to putting on a conference of this size.

OCM wish Arica safe travels and hopes she has a great time at the conference.

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