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OCM is getting amped for the new year and we are excited to be launching a podcast about the OCM life! We will be chatting with several special guest, local musicians, artist trying to get back into the performance industry, music supporters, photographers, lighting engineers, audio engineers, music business professionals, and so many more!!! Its about music life in Ohio!

Listen and share, email us questions, etc. Podcast will be posted on soundcloud and on our website! We want to hear your feedback and if you want, we can chat!

Podcast will be posted once a month!

Next order of business is Vlogs! What's a vlog you may ask? Well, its a video blog. What are they going to be about you ask? Well, its going to be the day and the life of Arica Pfirsch. She is willing to share different things that happen with her day to day in the industry and well she is pretty cool and we thought you might want to get to know her.

It will have hints of her job at the Sandusky State Theatre as the Assistant Technical Director. Hints of OCM as she tries to grow the business she started out of college. Hints of her crazy adventures with her band, Native Heart, as she slaps the bass. All kinds of stuff!

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